Electric Motor Repairs Poole, Bournemouth

At C.E.S Ltd we specialise in electric motor repairs, electric motor rewinds and a wide range of other motor solutions. Our expertise in mechanical repairs and maintenance enables us to rebuild motors that were even considered beyond repair.

Our engineers in Poole, Dorset, have repaired and rewound a wide range of electrical motors including:

  • Electric motors for quarries
  • Conveyor motors
  • Industrial motors
  • Concrete plant motors
  • Marine motors
  • Manufacturing motors
  • Automotive motors

We have many years of experience in both small and large motors from AC motors and DC drive motors to one phase and three phase motors. All electric motors are reconditioned and rewound to specification at our Poole workshop using the latest technology. The team are able to rewind field coils and armatures for different motors and offer motor repair services from total refurbishments (including replacing bearings, cooling fans, switches, and brushes), to a simple motor capacitor replacement or bearing change. C.E.S’ ability to rewind your existing motor saves you time and money when new units might not be available. Alternatively, if your motor parts are beyond repair and cannot be rebuilt, we can also take care of new electric motor sales for you.

Our expertise spans the full range of electrical motors, pumps, generators and components. At C.E.S Ltd. we can provide all aspects of electric motor repairs, electric motor sales, motor installation and electric motor rewinds. Contact us today for a quotation and to discuss our full range of electrical MFP services across Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset.